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About Court Reporting 
The creation of accurate transcripts is of vital importance in legal proceedings, and that is the jurisdiction of the court reporter. A court reporter is just what the name implies: a reporter that makes a record of everything that was said and done at a specific point in time. Not only does a court reporter create a record of the spoken word - using either stenographic or voice-writing technology - but it's also the responsibility of the court reporter to check the transcript for accuracy.

While the amount of court reporting jobs are finite (with certified court reporters having a distinct advantage in finding employment), court reporters can find ample job opportunities transcribing live events for the hearing-impaired (closed captioning for television, university lectures, etc.) as well as transcribing live internet streams. As of 2012, the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the average annual earnings of court reporters to be approximately $48,000, with the highest paid 10% earning in excess of $80,000. 

See what the US Department of Labor foresees for the court reporting profession 

About Us

Formerly the American Realtime Court Reporting Institute, we teach one of the most successful voice writing programs in the nation! Our 43-class online program offers you no-frills, comprehensive but easy-to-understand training that will enable you to successfully pass a state and/or national certification exam, as well as learn what you will need to know to be a successful practicing reporter. You will advance to the top of the court reporting field by utilizing our realtime dictation techniques and CAT software training.

International Realtime Court Reporting Institute has produced some of the best voice writers throughout the country. Sarah Flynn, CCR, CVR-M, and Colette Wayda, CCR, are very motivated instructors with over 40 combined years of legal experience, 40 years in the freelance reporting field and 20 years of teaching voice writers. Sarah and Colette actively promote realtime voice writing and has proven methods of training students to be the best court reporters in the field. Sarah was awarded the 2011 Education Award from the NVRA for her continued efforts to establish standards for testing, certification and continuing education. 

About Sarah Flynn, CCR, CVR-M, RVR

Sarah started her career working as a secretary and paralegal in the Little Rock area in 1988 while attending college at the University of Arkansas Little Rock. Loving the legal field but wanting to move on to a job with more flexibility, she was presented with the opportunity of taking a voice writing course designed by Horace Webb, the inventor of the Stenomask. 

After completing the course, Sarah was certified in Arkansas in September 1994, passing the entire test on the first try. She then began practicing as a freelance reporter in the Little Rock market until 2003, at which time she opened Arkansas' only full-service litigation support firm, Flynn Legal Services. Providing court reporting and valuable litigation support services to attorneys and paralegals, Flynn Legal Service now employs 15 full-time court reporters throughout the state and six in-house support staff.  

Sarah first formed the Arkansas School of Court Reporting in 2005 because of the necessity to employ properly trained professional voice writers. Finding the available voice writing programs did not provide enough real-world education and training to meet her standards, Sarah designed her own course to train voice writers not only how to pass a certification exam but to be professional voice writers striving to reach realtime and to be the best that they can be. Sarah has successfully personally trained and mentored over 75 successful practicing reporters and is committed to the field of court reporting and advancement of its high ethics and principles, along with promoting the use of speech recognition software and realtime technology.

Sarah's goal is to provide qualified students the opportunity to train for a professional, life-long career with excellent income potential along with a flexible schedule and to honor the profession of court reporting by providing the best training available. Realtime techniques are taught using the theory developed by world renowned realtime voicewriter, Bettye Keyes, CCR, CSR, CVR-M, RVR. Sarah's goal is to teach you to become a realtime voicewriter using Bettye's techniques in conjunction with Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional and Eclipse Vox. 

In early 2010, Sarah recognized the need nationally for a proven voice writing training program and proceeded to take her classes completely online so that anyone in the nation or even the world could participate in her proven program. Shortly afterward, Colette Wayda, CCR, formerly with Brown College of Court Reporting in Atlanta, came on board with ARCRI and together Sarah and Colette installed the Eclipse realtime training block to complete the program.  Since offering this online training as the American Realtime Court Reporting Institute, students from over 30 states and now abroad have participated in the proven program!

In 2015, the need for international training was seen and the school has recently evolved into the International Realtime Court Reporting Institute.  It is Sarah's goal to bring the voice writing method to the world to fulfill the need for qualified court reporters, captioners, and CART providers as the stenography method is just not proving to graduate students to fulfill the need, thereby causing a worldwide shortage.   

You will find that Sarah and Colette are both cheerleaders and mentors for their students and they keep the excitement level up while students learn the skills required to be successful court reporters. They are committed to their students' success in every way and personally grade all homework assignments to ensure that their students are receiving the best instruction in the marketplace today.

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